"...a poignant, no holds barred documentary chronicling the lives and positive spirit of HAE patients. A must see..."

Anthony Castaldo

President, Hereditary Angioedema Association

"SPECIAL BLOOD explores the intersection between human frailty and strength. We can all derive benefit from sharing this journey."

Dr. Bruce Zuraw

Division Chief, Professor of Medicine, UC San Diego

“I encourage people to watch this film to hear about [these patients'] harrowing battle with a rare disease. By better understanding their journeys, we can be more effective advocates for investments in scientific research to develop treatments and cures that will improve and save lives.”

Congressman Scott Peters

California's 52nd Congressional District

A poignant, heartfelt documentary chronicling the lives of four patients with a dramatic, rare disease. Due to the rarity of their condition, Ava, Noah, Kelsie, and Lora face misdiagnosis, improper treatment, and preventable tragedy in the emergency room all as they fight to live normal lives. Struggling to be heard by an ignorant healthcare system, they join their voices together to conquer adversity and create change.

Special Blood explores the intersection between human frailty and strength, giving an intimate look into the personal lives and struggles of rare disease patients in America. As she enters the community which these determined patients have created around their shared disease, filmmaker Natalie Metzger uncovers stories of inspiration, struggle, renewed purpose, and untimely death. As they tell their stories, we see how these brave underdogs are changing the future for rare disease patients on a global scale.

special blood hae documentary

Ava, 4, California

special blood hae documentary

Noah, 9, New Jersey

special blood hae documentary

Kelsie, 16, Illinois

special blood hae documentary

Lora, 46, Alabama